Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud

Attracting and retaining a highly engaged workforce means connecting with employees at a deeper level on the issues and causes that matter to them and to your organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Is no longer a buzzword, but rather it is now a CEO-level business strategy—defining the organization’s very identity.*

Philanthropy has evolved to become a Strategic Business Priority.

Changes in the marketplace, digitization, global growth, generational trends and business landscape create new opportunity for corporations to align social impact and employee engagement with business objectives. brings Salesforce technology and expertise with United Way’s powerful network of impact and the power to convene partners in an easy-to-use and centralized cloud platform.

The partnership delivers impact and will bring to market a world-class engagement and giving experience for both companies and employees. United by a vision for a better world and powered by innovative technology, this platform will transform the way corporations and individuals engage and support the causes they care about.

  • Branded with your corporate identify
  • Preloaded from United Way NCA with local impact stories and nonprofit needs
  • Real-time visibility to individual giving and aggregate for employee base
  • Easily customizable promotional content
  • Einstein intelligence customizes content based on individuals interests
  • Allows employees to easily find, participate and share volunteer opportunities
  • Available exclusively through United Way NCA

*Source: Deloitte: 2018 Global Human Capital Trends

Of consumers will pay extra for products sold by companies committed to positive social impact.*
Of employees prefer to work for socially responsible companies.*
Millennial employees who believe that their employer supports the local community are more likely to stay at that employer for five years.*

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Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud (SPC) empowers companies and employees to put their values to action.

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