You raise your hands to join the fight. You raise the funds that make everything possible.

United Way NCA is your United Way. This is where we show you the specifics of how the funds come in and how they go directly to the people and organizations where they are needed most.

Contributions Breakdown

(FYE 06/2016)

500 nonprofits, as well as corporate and community partners, provide resources and inspiration to United Way of the National Capital Area. Through their commitment, we can fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community. And win.

  • Contributions, Gifts & Grants 58
  • Federated Campaigns 33.8
  • Fundraising Events .15
  • Government Grants .2
  • Program Service Revenue 4.89
  • Other 2.96

Audited Financial Statements

  • AFS Fiscal Year 2018

  • AFS Fiscal Year 2017

  • AFS Fiscal Year 2016

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016

  • Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015

  • Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014

Form 990

  • Form 990 for Fiscal Year 2018

  • Form 990 for Fiscal Year 2017

  • Form 990 for Fiscal Year 2016

Form 990 T

  • Form 990 T for Fiscal Year 2018

ALICE Reports provide a broader picture of financial insecurity than traditional federal poverty guidelines.

ALICE, a United Way acronym which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, represents the growing number of individuals and families who are working, but are unable to afford the basic necessities.

United Way NCA uses these reports as the framework for our work in improving residents’ lives and strengthening their communities. It allows us to make stronger, more efficient decisions with our funds.

Where Program Funding Goes

  • Education

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  • Financial Stability

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    Financial Stability

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