Campaign Success

United Way NCA is here to help you be successful in campaigns. You have an important role to play in the success of our campaigns. By being an active participant in our campaigns you can help all of us make more impact in our communities.

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Step 1: Display the “Proud Partner of United Way NCA” Logo

United Way NCA partners are required to display the “Proud Partner” logo on their website, brochures and other communications.

Download the Proud Partner Logos here.

Read our partner co-branding policy here.

You can also use your Proud Partner logo and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) logos to highlight your four-digit United Way NCA designation code and your five-digit CFC code. Remember, the CFC catalogue is divided by federation, so use the logo lock-up shown so federal employees know to find your organization under the United Way NCA listing. You can also use the CFC “Approved Charity” logo, which is available on the Office of Personnel Management’s website.

Step 2: Connect with us

Stay up-to-date with United Way NCA’s news, activities and upcoming events by connecting with us on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Write on our wall, comment on our posts, tweet us. We want to hear from you and share your news with our social networks. You can also stay in the loop by subscribing to our mailing list in the footer of this page.

Step 3: Sign up for campaign activities

As a partner you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with potential donors and tell them about your mission, the clients you serve and the results you achieve.

Our Speakers Bureau gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your organization’s story at workplace campaign events, or invite our donors to tour your facility and volunteer with you to learn more about the great work you do to advance the common good in the national capital area.

Sign up here!

Step 4: Share your achievements

One of the most compelling ways to attract and engage donors is by sharing compelling stories about your work and the clients you serve. Remember, the most powerful way to tell your organization’s story is to allow your clients to share their own testimonials in their own words. Whether you do this through first-person narratives or quotes, be sure to get your clients’ perspectives of your work.

Send us your stories to share with our social network and workplace campaigns.

Submit your story now!

Here are some additional storytelling tips:

  • Program overviews do not make compelling stories. Add depth, character and examples to create an engaging story.
  • Describe a transformation. Every story does not have a happy ending, and our stories are always in flux and in progress but readers want to see a true transformation, and a culminating event that shows a life was changed in a significant way. Highlight the difference in your client’s life and provide specific details.
  • Names may be changed to protect the identity of the individual.
  • Stories should be 200 – 300 words.
  • If you use client images, you must submit a consent form. Download the consent form here.

Click here for information about participation in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).