Participating in the CFC

The CFC reaches federal workers across various agencies, and brings together thousands of donors to support local nonprofit organizations and make a difference in our community. The CFC is the largest and most successful workplace giving campaign in the world. Over the last five decades, federal employees have generously pledged more than $8 billion dollars to nonprofit organizations, including many that are United Way NCA nonprofit partners.

United Way NCA would like to extend a special thanks to all nonprofit partners that have shown support to CFC through active engagement of speaking and tabling opportunities. When we Live United we show strength and unity as a powerful collaborative, and, most importantly, we better serve our neighbors who need us.

Tips for Participating in the CFC Campaign

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  1. Putting our experience and expertise to the task, we prepare, review and certify our partners’ applications for the annual eligibility process associated with the CFC. If an organization meets United Way NCA’s partnership eligibility requirements, we will submit an application to CFC of the National Capital Area on the organization’s behalf. If approved by the local campaign, you will also be added to the CFC’s Universal Giving list of approved charities.
  2. Every nonprofit participating in the CFC has a five-digit designation code. Prominently display this code on all of your marketing materials.
  3. Join United Way’s NCA Speakers Bureau. By informing us that your organization wishes to participate in charity fairs, provide presentations and support partner tours, United Way NCA will do its best to engage you in both CFC and private sector campaign events and activities.
  4. During CFC campaign season, should your organization be invited to participate in a CFC event that United Way NCA has not arranged for you, please complete this brief online form. To support relationship building and event follow-up, and increase the number of speaking engagements and charity fair opportunities throughout the entire campaign, we need your feedback!
  5. United Way NCA is committed to providing outstanding value to our partner organizations and helping you to raise awareness of your mission throughout the region. We recognize that we are all intricately connected and that the success of our shared vision to advance the common good depends on the success of each of us. To help you raise awareness of your mission and maximize your engagement of federal donors, please review the Campaign Success page.

United Way of the National Capital Area (United Way NCA) does not charge nonprofit partners a partnership fee to be represented in the community. United Way NCA does not charge additional fundraising or shrinkage fees. The administrative processing fee charged nonprofit partners is 9.5%. The CFC raised $8,434,866 in 2017 from participation in the CFC of the National Capital Area and CFC Universal Giving.