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United Way NCA’s health-specific programs will increase equity in access to and use of resources that promote physical and mental well-being among students and families by engaging and empowering at-risk youth, removing systemic barriers to food security, promoting physical exercise and healthy eating, providing mental health education and services, and reducing stigma for using these services.

So many of us take health for granted. We have access to care and resources we need and have the education to know how to take better care of ourselves. For many in our community, that’s just not the case. Often, the emergency room is their only option for health care. And by then, it can be too late. Better health means better life. That’s why United Way of the National Capital Area is fighting for better health access and resources in our communities.

We’re making strong, strategic investments in programs that provide all adults and children in our community access to the health services they need to not only be well, but to thrive. Good health and nutrition is a leading factor in a young person’s ability to perform academically and for a family’s economic opportunity. We’re also leading the way to destigmatizing mental health by educating the region on services available, increasing access to therapeutic services and conducting mental health first aid trainings. United Way NCA will continue the fight for public policies and programs that focus on health and wellness for our community’s children and families.

United Way NCA keeps a sharp focus on community health and wellness across all of our outreach.

These are just a few of the ways United Way NCA fights for the health of our community. Fun, Fly & Fit  Some kids are just under the radar. United Way NCA fights for these unseen and often forgotten youth to provide opportunities to learn, grow and soar. The mission of Fun, Fly & Fit is to give children a solid foundation to make healthy choices, have fun and improve self-image. 2-1-1  It’s hard to even think about health if you don’t have food and shelter. Through our 2-1-1 initiative, United Way NCA fights for families to meet these and other basic health needs by connecting them with accessible community resources. This free, non-emergency telephone number connects more than 450,000 people in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland to human service information and referral to the people and places that can help. FamilyWize No one should get sick or sicker because they can’t get the prescription medicine they need. But medications can be extremely expensive. That’s why United Way NCA is fighting to make prescription medications affordable through our free FamilyWize discount card. With the FamilyWize card there are no forms to fill out, no waiting period and no registration required. The card serves as a reusable coupon on FDA-approved medicines. Visit to learn more.

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