Getting involved isn’t a life and death decision. Except when it is.

Get involved

You’ve seen them. You’ve made eye contact.

You might have handed out a few bucks. If you’re one of the people who looks away, it tends to make an even stronger impression in your mind. Because even if they don’t live on your block, they’re your neighbors too.

Many are in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter not just to get by, but to survive. Families are one paycheck away from losing their home, from losing everything. School-age children need help not only with learning, but learning how to live.

United Way NCA needs you to look, make eye contact and join the fight. Because your passion, your knowledge, your humanity will help the fight become a win – for everyone.

  • Donate

  • Advocate

  • Volunteer

  • Attend An Event

84% of funds go directly to helping people in our community.

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Increase Your Impact

  • Start A Workplace Campaign

    Start A Workplace Campaign

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    Join An Affinity Group

Get the word out.

One of the most powerful ways to take on our toughest social challenges is by taking to social media. When you do, our message becomes your message. Through your words and images, you can be a game-changer in your own way. And by following United Way NCA, you’ll be ready to join the fight and appreciate the wins.


Share Your Story: Why Do You Live United?

This is where it gets personal. As a supporter of United Way NCA, you advocate for our work and mission every day. We’d love to know more about the ways in which you honor your commitment to Live United and fight for everyone in our community.

There are a lot of great stories on this website. We hope you’ll share yours. Let us know why you choose to Live United by posting a video testimonial on YouTube and sending us the link. And by commenting on our Facebook page. Or tweeting us a micro-story.


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