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About being a United Way NCA partner

United Way NCA strives to offer nonprofit partner organizations maximum value for participation in our network. This quick start guide is intended to help you understand all that United Way offers and asks of you.

Partner Eligibility

United Way NCA nonprofit partners must meet a strict set of eligibility criteria annually. This provides assurance to our donors, sponsors, and supporters that United Way NCA’s nonprofit partner organizations meet the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability. All United Way NCA partners are locally-based, 501c(3) nonprofit organizations, providing local services in the eight regions we serve. Partners must maintain an administrative overhead rate of 35% or less; document a total revenue of $50,000 or more; and have 501c3 status for a minimum of three years to qualify for partnership.

Partner Term

Our campaign/partnership year runs from July 1 through June 30, and the application process begins in November. This annual renewal requirement aligns with the application timeline of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Partner Benefits

As a nonprofit partner of United Way NCA you have access to funding opportunities, resources for outreach and promotion, and learning opportunities to help you support your mission, garner new advocates, and increase your effectiveness in our community.

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Funding Opportunities

Partnering with United Way NCA gives your nonprofit access to funding through workplace giving campaigns. Additionally, you can receive donations through our online giving platform.

Workplace Giving

We facilitate workplace campaigns all around the region. Through these campaigns, Federal, municipal and corporate employees have the opportunity to designate their payroll-deducted donations to nonprofit organizations of their choosing. Workplace fundraising can be an important piece of an organization’s overall fund development strategy.

Workplace giving provides unrestricted funds—sustainable, long-term financial support that lets you plan ahead and provide ongoing services to your constituents. We raise millions of dollars each year for our partners through our workplace campaigns, where donors are able to designate their payroll-deducted contributions directly to individual nonprofit organizations.

Once your organization’s application for partnership is accepted, our experienced team will then apply on your behalf for inclusion in 500+ corporate, municipal, federal, and state workplace campaigns.

Combined Federal Campaign

On your behalf, United Way NCA will apply to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) of the National Capital Area. United Way NCA Community Campaign Partners are required to participate in this campaign.

The CFC provides access to hundreds of thousands of Federal employees who donate millions of dollars to United Way NCA and our partners each year. The CFC assigns each participating nonprofit organization a distinct 5-digit CFC designation code.

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

If you meet certain eligibility requirements, United Way NCA will apply on your behalf to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC), an annual workplace giving campaign among more than 100,000 employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The CVC assigns each participating nonprofit organization a distinct 6-digit CVC designation code.

Promote your donor designation code

Your 4-digit United Way NCA designation code is how donors who give through United Way will be able to identify you as the beneficiary of the gift. With the universal giving continuing this year, your 5-digit CFC designation code is how Federal employees across the country identify you as a beneficiary of their gift through the Combined Federal Campaign.

Online Giving Platform

United Way NCA’s online giving platform allows donors the option of giving directly to partner organizations. If your organization does not have its own online giving mechanism, you may link your donors to this page to provide them with an online donation option.

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Outreach and Promotion

We provide resources and opportunities for promotion and outreach to help spread the message about the good work of your organization, engage potential donors, and recruit volunteers. Also, you are encouraged to utilize the United Way brand, which is one of the most recognized nonprofit brands in the world.

Speakers Bureau

Speaking to potential supporters is one of the best ways to advance your mission in our community. United Way NCA provides opportunities for our partners to do just that. Our corporate community partners and the Federal workplaces are interested in hearing directly from our partner nonprofit organizations. In addition to speaking engagements, nonprofit fairs also take place during the campaign season and provide you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with potential donors about the great work you do. To sign up for these opportunities visit our website.

Partner Tours & Volunteer Placement

You can invite donors into your organization to see how you change lives each day. We organize partner tours and volunteer days for different groups, including employees at workplace campaign sites, leadership donors, and other groups. This program connects willing community partners with volunteer opportunities at your organization. It is a great way to cultivate supporters and advocates for your mission.

Social Network

Join our social network. Follow us on Twitter @ UWNCA and “like” us on Facebook at

Social media is a great way to stay connected and is a key part of how we communicate and engage with our supporters and community partners. Our non-profit partners are encouraged to share their activities, successes, and events with us. Interact with us often, write on our wall, comment on our statuses, and tweet about what’s going on with your organization. United Way NCA is committed to sharing your news with our supporters; therefore, we ask for your help in sharing our news with the people in your social networks as well.

Workplace Campaign Brochure

As a partner, your name and United Way designation code will be listed in our annual brochure, which is distributed at workplace campaigns, community events, and in our annual direct mail solicitation.

Impact Story Submission

Send us your stories about how you have changed lives in the community. The most compelling cases for charitable giving demonstrate real transformations in people’s lives. Show us how your organization has improved people’s lives. To submit a story, email

Community Events

Partners have the opportunity to participate in community events powered by United Way NCA. United Way NCA and local nonprofits partner in support of Do More 24, the community-wide day of giving.

Applying the age-old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, United Way NCA facilitates collaborative Community Impact events throughout the national capital area to address specific needs around our key impact areas of education, financial stability, and health. By pooling staff, resources, and expertise from our partners and other key community partners, we provide direct services to area residents.


Use of the United Way NCA Brand

Tell the community that you are a “Proud Partner” of one of the most valued brands in the world.

The use of the United Way NCA brand is more than just a requirement of partnership; it’s a mark of distinction. The more we get the United Way NCA name out in the community, the more people will identify the name with good work. That provides mutually beneficial results for both United Way NCA and the partners within our network.

The “Proud Partner” logo should be displayed on all of the following items and be clearly visible:

  • Website
  • Brochures and promotional materials
  • E-newsletters
  • Entrance to all facilities

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Learning Opportunities

We can help you build organizational capacity. Throughout the year we offer capacity-building sessions on a range of topics designed to help nonprofit organizations become more effective, efficient, and sustainable.
To get more detail about many of these topics and to find out about upcoming learning sessions, please visit the events page.

Non-profit Learning Series

We are committed to helping you to strengthen your organization, build capacity and achieve a greater impact in our community. That’s why we offer the Nonprofit Learning Series.

Throughout the year we’ll be presenting valuable training sessions on a host of topics designed to help nonprofit organizations be effective, efficient, and sustainable. Workshops have included topics such as board governance, fund development planning, maximizing the value of technology, marketing, and social media, the importance of your workplace environment, and program evaluation, among others.

Annual Community Meeting

Each summer, United Way NCA holds a gathering open to the nonprofit and business community. At the Annual Community Meeting, you will learn about United Way NCA, as well as develop new skills and knowledge to enhance your organization’s efforts and capacity.

The meeting is also a great opportunity to network with United Way NCA staff and meet colleagues in the nonprofit sector.

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Getting The Most of Your United Way NCA Partnership

United Way NCA provides relevant information, resources, announcements about capacity building and learning opportunities, and time-sensitive news through our website, on Facebook and Twitter, and by email and direct mail. Please be sure to read our communications so that you will have the latest information regarding your campaign and United Way NCA’s programs and initiatives.

Partner Portal

United Way NCA makes it easy for you to access check payout reports, donor lists, and payment process information through our Partner Portal. This is a secure online platform where you can access all the information you need.

Your organization’s log-in credentials are sent to the person listed as the “primary representative” on your annual nonprofit application.

A processing fee is assessed for each donation processed by United Way NCA. The fee is 6% and is necessary to cover the costs associated with vetting partners as well as coordinating, marketing, and executing workplace campaign participation for our partners.

For assistance, please contact our Partner Engagement Team at 703.549.4448 or

Note: the Partner Portal is only open for active United Way NCA partners of the current campaign year.

Disbursement Cycle

United Way NCA fully manages the collection and disbursement of donor-designated funds for our nonprofit partner organizations.

That leaves you more time to focus on the important work of carrying out your service to our community.

United Way NCA offers the option for payments for all designations and grants via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) directly into your checking account.

Direct deposit will help eliminate lost or misplaced checks and it will get you your funds faster. You will receive an email notification that will serve as the remittance advice.

Forms to request direct deposit are available in the Partner Portal or by contacting us at

  1. United Way NCA thanks all of our donors, but donors also want to hear from you. We make it easy to download your donor reports so you can reach out directly and thank each donor for his or her gift.

Partner Engagement

Partner Communications
United Way NCA provides relevant information, resources, announcements about capacity building and learning opportunities, and time-sensitive news through our website, on Facebook and Twitter, and by email and direct mail. Please be sure to read our communications so that you will have the latest information regarding your campaign and United Way NCA’s programs and initiatives.
Partners’ Page of United Way NCA Website
Our Partners Page is the go-to place for information and resources. Bookmark our partner page to read news and updates; get info on partnership criteria, the grant application process, and CFC information; and download templates, logos, and more.
Be An Active Partner
As a committed partner in improving lives in our community, you can take positive steps to make the most of your partnership by:

  • Promoting your United Way NCA and CFC designation codes.
  • Signing up to participate in the Speakers’ Bureau, Partner Tours, and United Way NCA and CFC events. To register, go to our website.
  • Opening your doors to corporate volunteer groups who want to lend a hand with your organization.
  • Sharing your success stories with United Way NCA. We want to know about your outcomes and hear from the people who have benefitted from your services. To submit a story, email
  • Following us on Twitter @UWNCA and Liking us on Facebook at

Run An Internal Campaign
As a United Way NCA partner, your organization is encouraged to run an internal workplace giving the campaign to provide your employees the opportunity to give to the causes they care about. Employee participation is always voluntary.

Our campaign staff is here to help you. You can find resources and more information about how to run a workplace campaign on this website.

Download the Guide as a PDF