Equity: When None Are Ignored, All Will Thrive

Your United Way has always sought to be the ear for the voices in our communities eager to be heard on education and financial disparities, food and medical insecurities, mental health, homelessness and needs during times of crisis. We listen. We convene and collaborate with like-minded partners. We use our resources to be a catalyst for change.

We have completed our first five-year community commitment that tackled complex, interconnected issues like poor health, school graduation and poverty. We’re proud of the many impacts, like providing 4.26 million meals to food-insecure students and families and putting nearly $81M back in the pockets of working families’ tax refunds through free tax preparation and financial coaching.

We took the successes and learnings and spent the last three years with our boots on the ground listening and in conversations with community members and leaders to hear first-hand what matters most to our community. We focused on data-driven research to identify the need for innovative and comprehensive solutions as critical to attain equity. The recent events of COVID-19 and civil unrest put a spotlight on the health care disparities and racial inequalities in our region and throughout the country and continues to confirm that we are on the right path for our next five-year strategic programmatic direction.

We know that the issues of inequity in our systems for employment, education, health and food access, financial stability and opportunities for all to grow to the best of their abilities are not going to change unless we do the work. Donate today.

United Way of the National Capital Area mobilizes all sectors of the community to work together with one goal in mind – helping children and families live their best lives by reducing disparities and increasing equity. We address the needs of our community by focusing on three key pillars of impact – health, education and economic opportunity.

At United Way NCA, we’re reserving a seat for all community members who are ready to join our efforts as we mobilize and make bold strides until we achieve equity for all of our community members, regardless of race, gender, income and ability.

Now is the time to join the equity movement! When none are ignored, all will thrive.

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