SingleCare Prescription Discount Card

The mission of SingleCare is to help improve people’s lives in the National Capital Area by providing access to affordable prescription medications.

To achieve this mission we partner with SingleCare (formerly known as FamilyWize) to provide free prescription discount cards to increase the health and economic opportunity of families in our communities via increased access to prescription medications.

If you need help paying for your prescription medications, there’s hope. For over a decade, United Way and SingleCare have collaborated to bring greater stability to communities nationwide. We know from experience that families living on the edge never struggle with just one issue; it’s the combination of several problems piling up that prevents families from finding stability and truly thriving.

Through its prescription savings card, SingleCare works to make prescription medications more affordable for all families, so that no one ever has to make the hard choice between the medicine they need and other basics like food or rent. To ease the burden for individuals and families, United Way NCA offers discounts on prescription medications through the free SingleCare prescription discount card.

With the SingleCare card there are no forms to fill out, there is no waiting period and no registration. The prescription savings card is free for everyone and serves as a reusable coupon on FDA-approved medicines. Whether you are insured or uninsured, show the SingleCare card and get the best price on your prescriptions.

There are three ways to get your SingleCare prescription discount card:

  1. Print your card from
  2. Download the SingleCare app for iPhone or Android.
  3. Call SingleCare at 800-222-2818 to have a card mailed to you.

Learn more about how SingleCare works, look up your medications to see how much you can save with the card and read more testimonials here.

SingleCare Community Service Partnership

Share information about the SingleCare prescription savings card.

For nonprofit organizations that wish to hand out cards to your clients, please feel free to contact Stephanie Crane at

SingleCare FAQs

  • Are there any age or enrollment restrictions?

    No. Everyone is eligible and can benefit from SingleCare!

  • I already have insurance that covers my prescription drugs. How can the SingleCare Prescription Discount Card benefit me?

    This program can be used to obtain savings on prescription drugs that are excluded by your insurance plan or are not covered because you have exceeded your insurance plan’s maximum limits. In some instances, you might find that the SingleCare Prescription Discount Card’s price is lower than your program’s co-payment amount. In addition, if your insurance plan does not offer you a drug card and you are reimbursed after each transaction, you may be able to use the SingleCare Prescription Discount Card to lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Can anyone use my prescription discount card?

    Yes. Your friends, family members and co-workers can all use your card to receive prescription assistance.

  • How much will my medicine cost with the prescription savings card?

    It varies by medicine and pharmacy. Use the Drug Price Lookup Tool to get a general idea. The best answer is to take your prescription with your card to a participating pharmacy and ask them how much it will cost to use the card.

  • Can I use my card for mail-order prescriptions?

    No, there is no mail-order prescription service with this card.

  • Does my doctor need to know about this card when writing my prescription?

    No. This program will not affect the way you are cared for by your physician. You should, however, always consult with your doctor about saving money on prescription medications.