You’ve already established that you’re a hand-raiser. Now it’s time to raise your voice. Help us improve the health, education and economic opportunity of every community member until we reach equity in the National Capital Area. Make sure to follow us and share your thoughts and ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be A Game-Changer

It’s about getting the attention of policymakers, getting them to listen and not letting up until we see the changes we’re advocating for. Join the thousands of equity advocates in our community to help us allocate resources and provide effective services and quality programs for low-income individuals and families; to increase access to affordable housing and medical care; and to improve failing schools. Here are just a few ways you can change the game.

Register to Vote

It’s a basic right, but it’s amazing how often people don’t use it. Whether the issue is local, regional or national, we urge everyone in our community to register to vote and participate in every election. A lot of people fought hard so you can have that vote. You can say thank you by using it. Here’s where to register to vote in:

District of Columbia



Share Your Story: Why Do You Live United?

This is where it gets personal. As a supporter of United Way NCA, you’ve joined the movement for equity by giving, volunteering and advocating. There’s one more share we’d like to ask. We’d love to know more about you and the ways you honor your commitment to Live United. There are a lot of great stories on this website. We hope you’ll share yours. Let us know why you choose to Live United by posting a video testimonial on YouTube and sending us the link, by commenting on our Facebook page or tweeting us a micro-story.