Financial Empowerment
Center Services

Free tax preparation, budgeting workshops, banking questions answered and much more are what you can expect when you visit a Financial Empowerment Center.

Financial Coaching

With financial coaching, participants have the opportunity to have a personal financial coach who will support them in identifying their personal financial goals and how to move toward them. This is your opportunity to focus on savings, decrease debt, improve your credit score, plan for purchasing a home or starting your own business. Come to us with your financial goals and we will help you reach them! See your local Financial Empowerment Center to find out how to schedule your first coaching appointment.

Free Tax Preparation

Tax preparation services allow individuals making less than $54,000 to have their federal and state taxes prepared at no cost to them. Some Financial Empowerment Centers offer tax preparation only during tax season, from January to April, but others offer services year-round. See your local FEC to find out when tax services are offered.

Financial Seminars

Financial seminars and workshops include: Understanding & Improving Credit, Getting Ready for Taxes, Money Saving Strategies, Financial Recovery, Protecting Privacy and Avoiding Fraud, Smart Money Management, and much more. See your local Financial Empowerment Center to find out which financial seminars are currently being offered.

Small Business Services

Small business coaching provides entrepreneurs and small business owners the opportunity to work one-on-one with a small business coach to support you in identifying your business goals. We walk you through the steps to create an action plan that moves you toward your business vision. Financial Empowerment Centers work primarily with sole-proprietors and LLCs.

Small business workshops provide individuals with the information necessary to start and manage a small business. Topics may include Banking Services, Managing Cash Flow, Credit & Good Debt, Record Keeping, Insurance and Risk Management, and Tax Planning and Reporting.

See your local FEC to find out which small business services are currently being offered.

Other Services

Contact your local Financial Empowerment Center to find out about other services being offered, including home-buying education, legal assistance with debt issues and more.

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