United Way NCA Launches Practice Equity Campaign

Nov 30, 2021

United Way of the National Capital Area is working to create a more equitable society, where everyone in our community has fair and equal access to health, education and economic opportunity. We serve as a connector for individuals and organizations who share our goal, and our programs tackle inequity in its many forms, including food insecurity, homelessness and systemic racism. We’re inviting everyone to join our journey toward equity for those who are most in need, yet most overlooked.

In our new campaign, United Way of the National Capital Area is asking our community to practice equity. Practice, because with repetition comes mastery. Making it a daily ritual not only improves skill, it actually rewires our brains – and subsequently changes our thinking and behavior. Equity is more than a practice, though. It’s a personal journey in support of a greater movement.


Here’s how you can make equity a daily practice:


Your donation will go to community programs and initiatives that need it most. It will help your United Way of the National Capital Area provide young people with academic and social support; train adults for jobs that pay a family-sustaining income; and connect people in need to medical care, housing and other basic support.

Make a donation towards United Way NCA at unitedwaynca.org/donate.


You’ve already established that you’re a hand-raiser. Now it’s time to raise your voice. Help us improve the health, education and economic opportunity of every community member until we reach equity in the National Capital Area. Make sure to follow us and share your thoughts and ideas on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Learn more at unitedwaynca.org/take-action/advocate/. 


There is goodness in everyone. When it activates and truly comes alive, great things can happen.

The best way we know to bring it out is to volunteer. Whether it’s for an hour, a day, once a week or once a month, you can create a tremendous impact on another person’s life.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities in your community at unitedwaynca.org/take-action/volunteer/.


Through the platform Credly, members of our community can earn a United Way NCA-issued Equity Advocate credential. This badge is given to individuals who have proven their dedication to promoting the health, education and economic opportunity of every community member and reducing disparities throughout the region.

Visit our page to learn more!



To help others and to be our best, we must practice being human. And just like learning an instrument, the more we practice, the better we get. By setting aside a few minutes each day to share and act on what we’ve learned, we can shift paradigms and change lives.

Learn more about how you can join the movement at unitedwaynca.org/practice-equity.

When none are ignored, all will thrive.

About United Way of the National Capital Area

United Way of the National Capital Area improves the health, education and economic opportunity of every person in the National Capital community. United Way NCA has been improving lives by creating measurable impact in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties for more than 45 years. In 2020, United Way NCA was among 384 organizations across the United States to receive a generous transformational investment from novelist and venture philanthropist, MacKenzie Scott. For more information about United Way of the National Capital Area, visit UnitedWayNCA.org.

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