Member Organizations: Speakers Bureau and Member Tours Program and Guidelines

Throughout the United Way National Capital Area Campaign Year, member organizations have an opportunity to meet directly with campaign leaders, and generous private and public sector employees. To be considered for these opportunities, members must sign up for the Speakers Bureau and Member Tours Program. The program provides an opportunity to communicate directly with potential donors, including federal employees within the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Campaign donor access will be through charity fairs and a limited number of invitations to speak directly to employees in group meetings.

United Way NCA member organizations that wish to participate in the Speakers Bureau and Member Tours Program must agree to the following guidelines. Please provide the name and contact information of your representative at the bottom. For more information or questions contact Torrance Hucks regarding private sector opportunities and Levina Kim for CFC campaign opportunities. Please note that only United Way NCA member organizations are eligible to register for the Speakers Bureau and Member Tours Program.

  1. We will ensure that any staff or volunteers attending campaign events on behalf of our organization know of the United Way NCA Speakers Bureau and Member Tours Program requirements;
  2. We understand that when we are at a campaign event, we represent not only our organization, but all organizations in the campaign. This is particularly important within the CFC;
  3. We understand that when at a campaign event, especially a CFC event, fundraising and collecting names via a mailing list or volunteer sign-up is prohibited;
    Our organization has representatives who are willing and able to enter U.S. government facilities in the Washington Metropolitan Area to attend campaign events;
  4. If someone from our organization agrees to attend a charity fair, the representative will arrive on time and with appropriate photo ID issued by a valid government agency (driver’s license, U.S. passport, or other);
  5. If unable to attend after confirming participation, the representative will inform all organizers as soon as possible, including United Way NCA.
  6. The representative will greet, receive, and thank all people with equal respect, dignity, and enthusiasm, and provide customer service in a professional manner;
  7. Representatives will not attend events to which our organization has not been invited;
  8. At charity fairs, we will only give away promotional items. The sale of items is strictly prohibited, Our representatives will check with campaign leaders before engaging in raffles or gaming;
  9. We will use only the display area allotted to us with the understanding that we may have to share table space with other members;
  10. We will attend all campaign events in professional attire (i.e. no shorts, flip flops, etc.);
  11. We will inform United Way NCA immediately of any significant problems encountered or any changes in our contact information.

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