Thank you for joining United Way of the National Capital Area (United Way NCA) on the 21 Day Race Equity Journey. This is an important first step in a process of change that will help shape our collective understanding of race, equity and inclusion. This is a process of reflection and understanding, so it’s important to suspend any judgement of yourself or others 

What is Racial Equity?

Racial equity is about applying justice and a little bit of common sense to a system that’s been out of balance. When a system is out of balance, people of color feel the impacts most acutely, but, to be clear, an imbalanced system makes all of us pay.

What is the 21 Day Race Equity Journey?

Over the next 21 days we will discuss and explore topics that vary from race equity, socioeconomics, health and education. We will unpack how equity plays a role in determining outcomes of people through different stages of life depending on their intersections of race, gender, sexuality and/or socioeconomic standing.  

As we unpack various topics throughout this journey, you may experience moments of discomfort, resistance or find yourself becoming defensive. We invite you to “stay in the room” and keep an open mind with the understanding that any feelings that may pop up are a normal part of growth. Our society is complicated, and many tools of oppression are intentionally designed to pit people against each other.  

You may also register to receive this journey as daily newsletters. Each day will begin with a brief introduction on the topic and provide a list of activities you may pursue to learn more. Most activity options range from 5 to 10 minutes with a couple just over 20 minutes. Feel free to take this journey at your own pace or go through all the activities in each day. This journey is what you are comfortable with and we welcome whatever boundaries you may have. 

Thank you for coming along with us.  


Day 1: Personal Racial Identity

Day 2: Personal Reflection & Implicit Bias  

Day 3: What is Intersectionality? 

Day 4: Talking About Race

Day 5: Layers of Racism

Day 6: Mental Health Stigma and Awareness

Day 7: Healthcare and Health Outcomes

Day 8: How Poverty Impacts Food Security

Day 9: Homelessness, More Than Being Homeless

Day 10: COVID-19 and ALICE

Day 11: Employment and the Wealth Gap

Day 12: Housing Inequity in Your Backyard

Day 13: Racial Trauma in Schools

Day 14: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Day 15: Disparities in School Discipline

Day 16: Digital Equity and Education

Day 17: Building Race Equity Culture

Day 18: Democracy and Civic Engagement

Day 19: Being an Ally

Day 20: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process

Day 21: Take Action in the National Capital Area

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